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Greater Houston Pool Management provides a full range of services that encompass all of your needs for pool management.


Greater Houston Pool Management offers management packages for all your pool operation needs. Our packages include trained personnel consisting of Account Managers, supervisors, pool managers, lifeguards, lifeguard instructors and swim instructors. Also included in our packages are pool cleaning, chemicals, supplies, spring opening and fall closing of your swimming pool, as well as off-season maintenance. Whether your facility is a maintenance only or a large water park setting, we have plans that will fit your requirements and your budget.

  • Personnel – GHPM will recruit, hire, and train all of your facility’s staff.
  • Maintenance – Water chemistry, cleaning, and preventative maintenance.
  • Training – Staff members attend trainings throughout the season.

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Our company provides complete consulting and budget planning to assist your organization with short and long term planning. Our experienced staff will examine your facility along with staffing needs, review budgets, plus assess your pool maintenance and health code requirements. We can prepare timelines on life expectancy and potential cost estimates of filtration equipment, plaster, fiberglass, tile, coping, skimmers, decking, diving boards, slides, and play equipment. Our consultants can assist with your existing facility or help in developing your new facility. Additionally, our experienced staff can address any issues you may have regarding your swimming pool and offer practical solutions to your questions.

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Greater Houston Pool Management can schedule, plan and monitor private party rentals for your pool. We will handle rental availability and usage fees, homeowner deposits, confirmation of residency, staffing needs, and evaluate the facility for damages once the rental period has ended.


The GHPM full-time staff will personally supervise and monitor the operation of your pool and the performance of your staff. Your on-site staff may consist of the following personnel:

Pool Managers

  • Demonstrate proper lifeguarding techniques
  • Lifeguarding/Safety
  • Prepare weekly schedules
  • Attend bi weekly Manager meetings
  • Communicate information from meetings to his/her staff
  • Assist in the training of Assistant Managers and Headlifeguards with pump room and cleaning duties
  • Motivate employees
  • Problem solve when necessary
  • Handle disciplinary issues
  • Maintain a clean facility
  • Perform maintenance at facility as needed
  • Perform weekly vacuums
  • Assist with pre-season opening of facilities
  • Assist with the post-season closing of facilities
  • Communicate with pool patrons and address issues as needed
  • Perform pump room operations
  • Report to Area Supervisor
  • Maintaining an inventory of pool chemicals, bathroom, cleaning, and first aid supplies
  • Controlling water quality through appropriate chemical adjustments
  • Liaison between pool members
  • On-site lifeguard review
  • Record keeping (log sheets, inspections, etc.)
  • Lifeguards:

  • Lifeguarding/Safety
  • Public relations
  • Weekly in-service trainings
  • Facility maintenance and cleaning

    Greater Houston Pool Management specializes in training and placing experienced lifeguards. Our lifeguard preseason training school reviews and educates our staff in lifeguarding techniques geared for your pool, cleaning, water chemistry, professionalism, pumps, filters, and customer service and more. Our lifeguards are certified in Lifeguarding, First Aid, CPR/AED for Professional Rescuer/Health Care Provider, Automatic External Defibrillation (AED) and Blood Borne Pathogen Training.

    In addition to their safety training, all personnel are thoroughly trained in professionalism and customer service. They regularly attend company workshops to promote both fun and safety so your guests always receive a quality family experience at the pool. Staff members are also trained in cleaning your pool and pool area, as well as maintaining the pool equipment. Daily log and maintenance sheets are completed for your review.

    As an ongoing measure of quality assurance, Greater Houston Pool Management conducts in-service trainings, safety audits, and performance reviews of the employees. You can be certain that your staff is qualified, conscientious and courteous.


    Nothing is more inviting than a beautiful, sparkling pool. Our personnel are trained in maintenance, cleaning, and water chemistry to ensure your pool is clean and clear. The continual maintenance of your facility is also vital to the health and safety of your guests. By monitoring the operations of pool filtration equipment and water chemistry, the opportunity for damage to expensive pumps and filters is minimized. This process allows swimmers to have a safe, clean and enjoyable pool experience.

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    Greater Houston Pool Management provides expert advice in the planning and repair of your pool. We are also experienced in every type of pool repair and renovation. Pool replaster, tile, coping, skimmer replacement, pump room renovation, and pool light replacement are just a few of the services available to your organization. All repairs and renovations are backed by our extensive warranty.

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    We have the largest selection of pool parts, safety equipment, furniture, shade structures, and play equipment available. From pumps, hoses, rescue tubes, and chemical controllers, we can find the right item to keep your facility running smoothly, efficiently, and most importantly – safely. You will find the latest styles and colors of pool furniture and shade structures to compliment your facility. All items are carefully selected for their comfort, durability, and design with most items carrying extended warranties from the manufacturer. All shade and play structures and pool furniture can be assembled and installed as per your specifications by Greater Houston Pool Management. And when it comes to really making a splash, our play equipment can’t be beat. From water slides to diving boards, water volleyball nets to basketball hoops, GHPM has the coolest play equipment for fun under the sun. If poolside is more your style, have your guests sit back in beautifully designed chaise lounges perfectly matched to your facility. With huge umbrellas, amble shade structures, and room tables, even shade-loving family members will want to enjoy your pool.

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    Greater Houston Pool Management partners with Safe Splash Swim Schools, the fastest growing swim lesson company in the US, to offer swim lessons at designated pools.  For more details, please click here.



    GHPM is committed to provide unparalleled service to our customers. One way we can do this is to have the most updated information about your community. To provide us with this information, please click here.