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Pool & Spa Construction

We have compiled a general outline of the construction process to give you an idea as to what you can expect during construction of your new pool.  Of course, each project is unique and may require additional or varied steps depending on the individual specifications of your pool. We will be continually inspecting the progress of your pool throughout its construction to assure the utmost quality. You may live within a City or Community that requires their inspectors to perform inspections as well.

Utility Location and Layout

Before we begin excavation, a request is placed for any and all utility companies to clearly mark lines that are located on your property. The pool will also be marked with paint and wood stakes in accordance with the plan of your custom design. If you approve of the marked layout of your pool we are ready for excavation.


Excavation is the true start of the heavy construction that will be happening. The excavation crew will remove the dirt in the pool area using equipment such as a Bobcat. The dirt is shuttled by the loader to a waiting dump truck. When the truck is full, it is emptied and comes back for more. At the same time the excavation is taking place, crew members are installing form boards that mimic the approved layout, and the interior of your pool is hand shaped and contoured. The excavation generally takes 1 day.

Plumbing and Steel Reinforcement

The plumbing and steel crews are next. The pool equipment will be set and plumbing installed in your pool. Prior to completing their task, the plumber will place all plumbing under pressure to assure integrity of the lines. Through out the construction process, the pressure on these plumbing lines will be carefully monitored. The steel crew will be installing the reinforcing steel rods. You will see what appears to be a steel cage that is created for the specific contour of your pool. The steel is securely wired together and is placed in intervals that will provide strength within the structure of your pool.


Gunite is a specialty concrete product that is pneumatically installed. The gunite is actually applied or “shot”. The crew, prior to shooting the gunite, will take measures to protect your home and surrounding areas from any airborne debris. Approximately 24 hours after the gunite has been installed , we will ask you to assist in the curing process by applying water to your structure a couple times daily for the next several days. This allows the outer surface areas of the gunite to cure at a rate more consistent with the inner part.


It is now time for the Electrician to provide the needed connections for the lighting and pool equipment to your electrical service. All electrical work is provided by a Master Electrician, following not only manufactures guidelines, but City, State, and National Electrical Code requirements.


Prior to this step we will request you select the tile you would like to have. This tile is placed in the interior of your pool at the waterline. We will also need you to choose the type of material and color of coping for your pool. The coping is installed on the top of you structure. We have a wide variety of tile and coping options for you to choose from that will grace your pool with your own unique style. Your selections will be installed at this time of the construction process. If you have a natural rock water fall or decorative water feature, they will be created during this phase as well.


You have many options available to you on what you want to do with the area directly surrounding your new pool. Basic brushed concrete to decorative stamped concrete, pea gravel decking to acrylic textured decking, creative design in brick paving to lush tropical landscape creation. Whether you select one option or decide on a combination, this will be the point in construction that the area outside your pool structure should be created.

Interior Finish

The application of the interior finish of your pool is the final step of construction. During this process, the crew will apply the type of interior finish that you chose earlier at the design or selection stage. When the crew has completed this application, immediately after exiting your pool, using your garden hose they will start the pool filling with water. The interior finish cures under water to avoid unwanted imprints or possible damage to the finish. It is very important to allow the pool to fill to the correct level before entering the pool. Once your pool has filled, we will start up the circulation equipment and provide in person instruction on the operation of your new pool and pool equipment.



“We contracted with GHPB to replaster our pool and clean the water line tiles. Their approach was professional in every way, from bidding to construction and then startup support. GHPB and their subcontractor delivered a quality project on-time and on budget. There were no surprises, and the work site was left in the same or better condition than when they started. Communication throughout the project was excellent. We look forward to many years of enjoyment from our refurbished pool. We would not hesitate to use GHPB on future projects, or to recommend them to others. – Bob S. Katy, TX”

“ GHPM Renovation and Repair has provided Sienna Plantation Residential Association with timely responses, thorough communication and a solid knowledge base built upon years of experience in the pool management industry.” – Andy Peal, Recreation Director, Sienna Plantation Residential Association, Inc.

“Earlier this year we discovered a leak in our most popular pool. We were afraid that we would not be able to open the pool for the season. GHPM Renovation and Repair was able to quickly identify the problem and propose a plan for repair. They were also able to work with their subcontractors and our landscaping and masonry contractors to make sure that all of the work was done in the most timely and efficient manner to get everything completed in time to open the pool. They were very knowledgeable and able to answer any questions that we had. Because of their diligent work, we were able to get the pool open for use for a good portion of the season. I would recommend GHPM Renovation and Repair for any pool repair needs that you may encounter.” David Pella – Operations & Landscape Manager First Colony Community Association

The attention they offered us throughout the entire building process was great! I am thrilled with the finished product.

– Jenny, Houston

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the awesome job you did on our pool renovation. Everybody is fascinated with our pool – how bright and clean it looks after the renovation – our web page designer asked me who did that great job and I gave her your name – she would also like to up-grade the pool of her sub-division to salt water – she is the President of the Board of Directors of two communities where she owns properties – same feedback I received from our CPA and from all the residents I have talked to.

Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job to our pool – it looks better than ever – I’m glad my six sense did not failed me when I decided to choose GHPM for all our pool needs! Alix Cabarcas – Treasurer – Williamsburg Hamlet M.A.

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