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2018 Party Information

Longwood 1
•  Pool Opens: May 12, 2018
•  Pool Closes: September 3, 2018
Longwood 2
•  Pool Opens: May 26, 2018
•  Pool Closes: September 16, 2018


Only the Longwood 2 (Longwood Bend) pool may be rented out for Pool Parties. Click on the blue highlighted type for pricing and form.

Association Policies:

Private Party

  • Pool parties must be a minimum of two (2) hours in length.
  • A refundable deposit check of $100.00 must be made out to Longwood Neighborhood association and mailed to the GHPMI corporate office. Party requests will not proceed until the deposit check is received. (This will not be deposited unless damage occurs)
  • The party sponsor (Longwood resident) must schedule, pay for, and be in attendance during the entire party.
  • Parties where admission is charged will not be permitted.
  • Music and DJs are permitted, as long as the volume does not impede the lifeguard’s ability to hear the swimmers.