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GHPM is leading provider of commercial pool services in the Houston Area. We offer a wide variety of full time positions for those looking to further their career in the Aquatics Industry. The following full time position are open:

What is MyMITC?

A:  MyMITC is a web based program that allows employees to view their schedules, see open shifts and check their time sheets.

I forgot my username and/or password, what can I do to reset it?

A:  Please go to Employee News, MyMITC, and fill out the Forgot Username/ Password form.

I accidently clocked in to the wrong job pin. How can I fix my job pin?

A: Go onto MyMITC, under Timesheet and click on your clock in time. There you can change the job pin to the correct one for your account manager to approve.

I accidently clocked in again, and it should have been a clock out. How can I change it to a clock out?

A: No problem. Simply go to MyMITC and click on the blue time that should have been a clock out and change Type to out instead of in. Your account manager will review your changes.

I entered in the wrong date in MyMITC, what do I do?

A: Thank you for your honesty, if you were paid for a day you did not work that would have been timecard fraud. Click on the times that you entered and in the Note section include that you did not work this day and it was done in error and ask them to delete your times. Your account manager will review your changes.

I know I worked on a certain date, but my hours are not correct. What happened?

A:Since the clock in/out times are not matching up, there is a discrepancy on your hours. There should be only one line with a clock in and clock out time per shift. If you see more than one line for that shift click on the hours for the date that is incorrect. Then click on the incorrect time (or extra time) and include a reason for your requested change such as: this time is wrong and needs to be deleted. Your account manager will review your changes.

I was suppose to view and make my changes with forty-eight hours and the time has past. What can I do to ensure I am paid correctly for those times?

A: Fill out a time correction form on the website. Your account manager will review your changes.