All residents scheduling an after hour pool party must complete this form (Release and Indemnification). You may drop it off at the Bridgeland office along with the deposit check, or you may mail it to the GHPM office. This form must be completed by the Homeowner. The deposit check must also be written by the homeowner and included with this form.
Until these items are received, your party will not be verified. You must also complete the appropriate Pool Party request form below.

2014 Party Information


  • This pool has a swim team. Parties must be scheduled around their events.
  • Parties will not be permitted prior to and after the regularly scheduled swim season.
  • Pool Opens: May 3, 2014
  • Pool Closes: September 28, 2014

Two types of parties are permitted: Open and After hour. Click on the blue highlighted type for pricing and form.

Association Policies:

Open-hour party

    • Open-hour parties are two(2) hours in length with a maximum of 20 people (swimmers, non-swimmers, resident and non-residents).
    • Three tables with chairs under the covered area will be reserved for the party.
    • Parties may not occur the first weekend the pool is open for the season.
    • There will be no alcohol allowed during any open hour pool party.
    • Only one party may be scheduled at one time.

After-hour party

    • After-hour pool parties must be a minimum of two (2) hours in length and may not begin until 30 minutes after the pool has closed.
    • A refundable deposit check of $250.00 must be made out to Bridgeland Council Inc. and submitted with the Release and Indemnification form. Party requests will not proceed until the deposit check is received.
    • The party sponsor (Bridgeland resident) must schedule, pay for, and be in attendance during the entire party.
    • After-hour parties are required to end by 11:00 PM (including breakdown).
    • Parties where admission is charged will not be permitted.
    • Music and DJ’s are permitted.
    • Alcohol is permitted inside the facility gates. Party sponsor will be required to hire a security officer (contact: Jeff Lebeau 281-492-3655) to be in attendance the entire party.

Should have any questions, please contact our Pool Party Coordinator.