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After Hour Party Request Form River Plantation
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  • •Review and agree to all party guidelines. •Fill out all requested information. •When finished, click on the "Submit Pool Party Request Form" button. •If you are having difficulty, please contact our Pool Party Coordinator. Parties will not be scheduled without a party request form submission.
  • 2015 GHPMI GUIDELINES ◦After Hour Pool Party Request Forms must be completed by the homeowner and submitted to the GHPMI office. Any Security Deposits or Pool Usage Fees should be mailed after submitting your request form. GHPMI will email instructions for full payment after the above is complete. ◦Pool Parties must be scheduled a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. If you are trying to schedule a Pool Party within the 2 week requirement, please review our policy under Payment Guidelines below. ◦Pool parties may not take place prior to the facility being opened for the season, or after the facility is closed for the season. ◦Pool parties may not take place on holiday weekends (May 22,23,24,25, July 3,4,5, September 4,5,6,7). If you have concerns that occur during the party (lighting, staff, etc.) please call 713-771-7665 ext 6 and a supervisor will get back with you. ◦Pool party sponsor’s assessments must be paid prior to scheduling a pool party. GHPMI is required to check party sponsor’s assessments. Please note: This can take 3-5 business days. ◦All parties are required to follow the pool rules posted at the facility. ◦Parties must be a minimum of two hours in length. ◦Party sponsor is responsible for clean-up which must be completed by the "end time" of the party or schedule additional time (see Payment Guidelines). ◦Trash accumulated during the party, must be removed from the premises. ◦A pool party is not finalized until you receive an e-mail confirmation from the GHPMI office.
  • STAFFING GUIDELINES ◦Lifeguards for all parties must be current GHPMI employees. ◦Staffing requirements(this includes swimmers and non-swimmers): ■1 to 40 people – 3 lifeguards ■41 to 60 people – 4 lifeguards ■61 to 80 people – 5 lifeguards ■81 to 120 people - 6 lifeguards ◦The lifeguards will clear the water 10-15 minutes (depending on size) before the party is scheduled to end. Ten (10) minutes for parties with less than 60 people, fifteen (15) minutes for parties of 61 or more. This gives you and your guest time to dry off and clear the facility by the end time of the party. ◦Party's involving children will require the Party Sponsor to have one adult chaperone for every 10 children under the age of 18. ◦Additional lifeguards requested with less than one week of the party date, the party sponsor will pay $30.00/hour/lifeguard. ◦Any party sponsor not meeting the correct ratio of lifeguard to guests and/or chaperones to children at the start of the party, will be required to pay $30.00/hour for each additional lifeguard (1 guard per 20 people)provided . GHPMI has the right to deny admittance of the additional people if an additional lifeguard is not available. Payment must be submitted to the GHPMI office the next business day.
  • PAYMENT GUIDELINES ◦A non-refundable administration fee of $30.00 will be charged for each scheduled party. The charge for each lifeguard is $22.50 per hour. ◦Based on availability, if a party is scheduled less than 2 weeks in advance, GHPMI holds the right to either deny Pool Party request or charge a non-refundable late registration fee of $30.00. ◦Party Sponsor may request a Set-up Time (gate access prior to the party) and/or Clean-up Time (after the swimming has ended). During this time there should be limited number of people inside the gate. The cost is $20.00/hour for each lifeguard requested. If no clean up time is requested and time is required after the end of the party to clean up, the party sponsor agrees to pay for the additional lifeguard time the next business day. ◦All returned checks will be charged a $30.00 service fee. ◦Deposit checks will be returned within three weeks providing the facility is cleaned up and no damage occurred. Party sponsor agrees to pay for any damages that occur during the party.
  • CANCELATIONS *Administration Fees, Service Fees and Late Registration Fees are non-refundable. *There will be a 100% refund on all lifeguard costs for parties cancelled with more than 72 hours notice. *There will be a 50% refund on all lifeguard costs for parties cancelled with less than 72 hours notice. *All refunds must be in writing and submitted within 60 days of the event. *Inclement Weather Policy: When inclement weather occurs during the day of the scheduled party, parties must be cancelled three hours prior to the start time. The Pool Party Coordinator will assist the party sponsor in rescheduling the party at no charge. Lifeguard fees minus the administrative and Late registration fees will be refunded if the party cannot be rescheduled. ◦Parties cancelled with less than three hours notice, will not receive a refund. *If inclement weather occurs during your pool party, please follow the GHPM Weather Policy: *TO CANCEL a party outside of business hours please call 713-771-7665 ext 6 and the person on call will contact you shortly. Tell them your name, pool and start time of your party and that you would like to cancel.
  • WEATHER POLICY ◦Hard Rain: When the lifeguards cannot see the bottom of the pool, the pool will be cleared until the bottom of the pool is visible. ◦Thunder: When the lifeguards hear thunder, the patrons/guests will be removed from the pool for a minimum of 20 minutes. Every time thunder occurs, the time will start over again for 20 minutes. When 20 minutes has passed and there is no sound of thunder, the pool may be used again. ◦Lightning: When the lifeguards see lightning, the patrons/guests will be removed from the pool for 30 minutes. Every time lightning is seen, the time will start over again for 30 minutes. When 30 minutes has passed and no lightning has struck, the pool may be used again. Please note: If heavy lightning occurs, patrons/guests may be asked to leave the facility until it is safe to enter again. ◦If a party in progress should be stopped due to bad weather, you will be charged a minimum of 1 hour for each lifeguard or be charged for the time the lifeguards were at the pool. Which ever is more. Be sure to fill out the Pool Party Use Form and record the time you left the facility. ◦Please remember: The lifeguards on duty have full authority. It is their job to ensure the safety of all individuals at the swimming facility.
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  • Total Number attending*Includes family members, guests, swimmers and those not swimming
  • Alcohol*Will alcohol be present at any time?
  • Please list any comments or requests:*
  • Pool Party Guideline Agreement*As the party sponsor, I promise to adhere to all policies and party guidelines (this page and the pool page). There will be NO exceptions to the above policies. In addition, I agree I will be at the facility the entire time of the party helping ensure the guests are following all pool rules and the above policies and guidelines.
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